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Top 10 Full HD 1080p Projectors

 Full HD 1080p Projector

Here at Just Projectors – The Home Cinema Specialists, we have been reviewing and testing our full range of Full HD Projectors to be able to give to you our list of  the Top 10 HD Projectors.

A Word of Warning from Just Projectors – As specialists in the world of Projectors, we would like to part a bit of knowledge and critical advice when buying a HD Projector. Some Projector companies on the internet will falsely advertise things like ‘HD Projectors for under £200’. This is false advertising. The Projectors they are advertising are HD Ready projectors & are usually noisy, cheap SVGA Projectors, & will normally come with an ariel connection. They will have a HDMI slot which means that on the spec they will say that they support 1080p. Their native resolution is not 1920×1080. They will not give you a Full HD 1080p image! Avoid these advertisers at all costs as they will sell the projectors as HD Projectors and will put it in the small print that they can only support HD.

Find below the Projectors that have made it into our Top 10. There you will find product specifications and Projector reviews from our website:

Just Projectors Top 10 Full HD Projectors

BenQ SP840 | BenQ W1000+ | Epson EH-TW3600
Infocus SP8600 | Mitsubishi FD630U | Optoma EH1060 
Optoma HD20 | Viewsonic PRO8200 with Spare Lamp 
Viewsonic PRO8400 with Spare Lamp | Vivitek H1080FD

When buying a HD Projector it can be difficult to decide whether or not you need a 1080p Projector. There are a few things you will have to consider before making a decision. Just Projectors have split our top 10 into 3 different price categories & listed basic specs, awards & the best features of each projector below:

Best Value Full HD Projector Under £1000:

  • Viewsonic PRO8200 | £710  | 2000 Lumens | Spare Lamp
    Just Projectors supply a free spare lamp with this Projector meaning if getting a great value Full HD Projector is what is wanted then this ticks all the boxes. It has 2000 Lumens, Full HD resolution, a Spare Lamp at an unbelievable price of just £710. Say no more.

Best Colour Reproduction Full HD Projector Under £1000:

  • BenQ W1000+ | £690 | 2000 Lumens | Great for Gaming
    The BenQ W1000+ have managed to provide a full hd projector for under £1000 with great colour reproduction, brillaint for commercial use. BenQ seemed to have cracked it here. What Hi-Fi have given it 5*. Find the review here: BenQ W1000+ Review

Best Big Image Full HD Projector Under £1000:

  • Infocus SP8600 | £629 | 1700 Lumens | Balanced Images
    The cheapest in our top 10 at a very low £629, if you are on a budget and want a big image with high lumens for a low price then the Infocus is the way to go We were not surprised when What Hi-Fi gave the SP8600 4*. Find the review here: Infocus SP8600 Review

Best Home Theatre Full HD Projector Under £1000:

  • Vivitek H1080FD | £833 | 1600 Lumens | Vivid Picture Quality
    The H1080FD is ideal for home theatre use with 1600 Lumens brightness, Dual HDMI for linking up to SKY, games consoles etc & whisper quiet at just 26dB. This Vivitek provides high impact picture quality

Best Quality Full HD Projector Under £1000:

  • Optoma HD20 | £757 | 1700 Lumens | Crystal Clear Image
    Optoma make high quality projectors & the HD20 is no exception. 1700 Lumens making it ideal for the home cinema user. At £757, this projector can still pull its weight against it’s more expensive rivals. What Hi-Fi have given it 4*. Find their review here: Optoma HD20 Review

Best Value Full HD Projector £1000-£1500:

  • Viewsonic PRO8400 | £1379 | 4000 Lumens | Spare Lamp
    Yet again, Just Projectors can offer a spare lamp with this Full HD Viewsonic. This step up from the PRO8200 has means the PRO8400 has 4000 Lumens for an incredible price. As said before this comes with the spare lamp meaning the low price of £1379 is a steal in our eyes.

Best Quality Full HD Projector £1000-£1500:

  • Epson EH-TW3600 | £1019 | 2000 Lumens | 2 HDMI Inputs
    Epson are the world’s leading brand when it comes to Projectors & this model keeps up appearances of the Epson brand. LCD technology on the EH-TW3600 makes for impressive colour reproduction. 2000 Lumens makes it ideal for home cinema use. The Epson has 2 HDMI inputs for great connectivity & a very flexible throw ratio to make installing into the home a lot easier.

Best Value Full HD Projector over £1500:

  • BenQ SP840 | £1700 | 4000 Lumens | Filter Free Design
    This BenQ is ideal for commercial use with 4000 Lumens brightness. Excellent colour reproduction and gives you the best resolution with such a high brightness. If you have the budget there, the SP840 will get you a lot of Projector for your money.

Best Quality Full HD Projector over £1500:

  • Optoma EH1060 | £1925 | 3500 Lumens | Dual HDMI
    The EH1060 produces a terrific, crystal clear image. Great Connectivity and 3500 Lumens means it can breathe new life into a boardroom, classroom & home cinemas alike. Great Projector.

Best Education Full HD Projector over £1500:

  • Mitsubishi FD630U | £1778 | 4000 Lumens | Great Lamp Life
    The Mitsubishi FD630U is perfect for educational & commercial purposes when there is a large audience size. 4000 Lumens means it will be able to cope with very bright conditions. The 1w standby mode will also add to the lamp hours you get from this projector. This projector will bring the boardroom & classrom to life.

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Author – James Tyrrell | Just Projectors | www.projectors.co.uk