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Christmas Projector Hire

Christmas Projector Hire

Everyone loves gathering round at Christmas and watching their favourite Christmas specials, playing their new games and counting down the new year in. Make this year’s celebrations better than ever with our 2 week Christmas and New Year Projector Hire for just £99!

Make this year’s TV schedule more exciting with this great offer. Let your kids play their new favourite games with lifesize images on your wall.

It’s not just the kids who can benefit with this festive season offer as Christmas also means time to party which normally brings loads of family and friends over to watch classic comedies or Christmas films at this time of year. Don’t have everyone gathered round the TV, hire a projector from us at this very low price and get everyone talking at your parties about the monster size image on your wall. 

Whether you want it to play games, for watching Christmas favourites or taking your New Year’s Eve Countdown to the next level, call us or visit our website today to find out all the info:

Festive Projector Hire Page

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Author – James Tyrrell | Just Projectors | www.projectors.co.uk

Should You Buy A 3DTV?

There have been plenty of advancements in home entertainment technology in recent years with things like full high definition televisions improving the quality of images. Most of these recent advancements have been taken in with open arms and found themselves easily selling to the mass markets except for one which has divided opinions for different reasons – 3D Technology.

3DTV or 3D Projector

3D technology has been put on televisions by big name manufacturers like Sony, Panasonic, LG and Samsung since March 2010 in the hope that since the introduction of 3D films at the cinema, they would sell like hot cakes for people looking to get the same 3D experience in their home for watching 3D films, Sky 3D or playing 3D games. This hasn’t been the case, research by Deloitte back in August 2010 found that only 2 percent of UK consumers were planning on purchasing a 3D TV for the next 12 months onwards from that. Deloitte’s research proved to be fairly accurate too as 3D televisions still haven’t managed to fly off the shelves as quick as some manufacturers may have hoped for.

So what are the negatives that have led to such poor sales with 3D televisions?

The main negative with 3D televisions like most non necessity goods in a tough financial climate is the price. With 26 million households having TV in the UK, a new television is not at the top of most people’s lists of things that they need to go out and buy especially when a price tag of about £2000 is what you would have to pay for a 55” 3D ready Samsung TV and that’s before buying the 3D glasses which for an average size family will start taking you towards the £2500 mark which isn’t exactly loose change. Another question you have to ask yourself is what would you do with your old 55” television that is working fine at the moment? It is a question you have to ask yourself before considering spending so much on a TV that probably isn’t as good as your current TV, the only difference being it is 3D ready. Is that worth another £2-3000?

Which probably leads you to ask are there any alternatives out there?

3D Projector and Glasses

This comes in the shape of 3D projectors. A lot cheaper than a 3DTV set up as people can get a full 3D set up with a projector ready to connect to their sky box, blu-ray player or games consoles for under £1000. Only a small percentage of people know about 3D at the moment and an even smaller percentage of those realise you can achieve 3D with a 3D projector set up in your home. So an obvious advantage there is the price.

Another advantage is the ease of use, within 5 minutes, a 3D projector can be set up on a coffee table ready to bring life size images on to a projector screen or a white wall. It doesn’t take a genius to realise that when you get an image in your living room double the size of a 3DTV for less than half the price, that a 3D projector is a more affordable, realistic 3D solution. Sporting events like the 2011 Rugby World Cup which starts today would appear so much more lifelike. Picture the difference between seeing a huge 6 foot life size England rugby player running towards you and scoring a try in your living room or only being able to see a small 3D man that you would see on a 3DTV.

One disadvantage with 3D projectors before was that the highest resolution you could get was 720p but with Optoma recently releasing a 1080p 3D Projector this means that images can now be displayed in full high definition for the highest quality. That means that you can get the most out of 3D games, Sky 3D and 3D blu-rays from modern 3D projectors.

Is there a future for 3D?

With the emergence of companies like Legend Films from San Diego who turn older 2D films into 3D in a matter of weeks and the BBC starting to record popular Saturday night programmes like Strictly Come Dancing in 3D for the public to watch, it seems that 3D will be here to stay. With greater awareness 3D projectors can ensure to boost the growth of the 3D market as they are more accessible to the public as the solutions are cheaper than 3DTV’s and much larger images can be achieved, great for filling a wall with life size 3D football players, next year’s London 2012 Olympic events or your favourite games and films. The future of 3D could be big. With the help of 3D projectors.

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Author – James Tyrrell | Just Projectors | www.projectors.co.uk

New Optoma HD600X-LV 3D Ready 720p Projector

New Projectors from Just Projectors

Just Projectors are proud to announce the release of the Optoma HD600X-LV. The long awaited brighter version of the Optoma HD600X now has an improved 2500 lumens for comfortable viewing at home during the day. 3D Ready and 720p makes the HD600X-LV an ideal 3D projector for home use.Optoma HD600X-LV Projector

Check out full specifications & read reviews on the HD600X-LV and on all of our other Optoma Projectors.

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Author – James Tyrrell | Just Projectors | www.projectors.co.uk

BenQ Release MX764 and W710ST Projectors

New Projectors from Just Projectors

BenQ have released some more new projectors. Just Projectors are here to give you more information on their two new models – the MX764 and the W710ST. Prices will be announced shortly for both models.

BenQ MX764

BenQ MX764 – This XGA resolution projector is very bright with 4200 lumens, also has great connectivity including USB & HDMi connections making it highly suitable for business, education or home use.

Find the Full Spec & Reviews for the BenQ MX764

BenQ W710ST Projector

BenQ W710ST – The W710ST is the only 3D ready, 720p short throw projector on the market at the moment making it ideal for home use especially for gaming as the projector can be closer to the screen. The w710ST also boasts 2500 lumens and dual HDMi.

Find the Full Spec & Reviews for the BenQ W710ST

Alternatively see our full range of BenQ Projectors

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Author – James Tyrrell | Just Projectors | www.projectors.co.uk

BenQ release new Projectors

BenQ have released some new projectors. Just Projectors are here to give you a bit more information on the specifications on their new projector models.

BenQ MS500 SVGA Projector

BenQ MS500 – This SVGA model with 2500 Lumens has a high contrast ratio of 4000:1 making it ideal for business or education use.

Follow link for Full Spec & Reviews: BenQ MS500 Projector

BenQ MX501 Projector

BenQ MX501 – The MX501 has the same spec as the MS500 but is XGA resolution for more pixels and improved image quality. Again ideal for business, education and also home use.

Follow link for Full Spec & Reviews: BenQ MX501 Projector

BenQ MX850UST Projector

BenQ MX850UST – The MX850UST is an ulta short throw with a 0.45:1 lens on it. 2500 Lumens, XGA resolution projector that is 3d ready and has interactive whiteboard capabilities. Ideal for education users.

Follow link for Full Spec & Reviews: BenQ MX850UST Projector

Or see Just Projectors full range of BenQ Projectors

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Author – James Tyrrell | Just Projectors | www.projectors.co.uk

Free Prize Draw – Win Optoma PK301 Projector

Optoma PK301 Projector

Just Projectors have released a free prize draw! Just Projectors regularly hold free prize draws with this one giving people the chance to win an Optoma PK301 Projector. This pico pocket projector is worth over £300.

Follow this link to find out more: Free Prize Draw 

The prize draw date is 9:30am on 1st September.

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Top 10 Projector Problems & Troubleshooting Guide

Projector ProblemsJust Projectors always suggest buying a projector that comes with a good 3 year warranty for peace of mind. Our top 5 Manufacturers for supplying good warranties are; Optoma, Viewsonic, BenQ, Mitsubishi & Hitachi. When the warranties have run out, you may not face any problems, however if you do, you will want some advice on the most common things that can go wrong on your projector. Here is a list of what we consider are the top 10.

Top 10 Projector Problems

  • Colours distorted on the image
  • Lines / Dots on the image
  • Projector overheating
  • Projector turning on then off straight away
  • Projector on but no image
  • Shadows appearing on the image
  • Dull image being produced
  • Projector inputs not working
  • Colour around the edge of the image
  • Lamp door switch broken

Projector Problem 1 – Colours from projector distorted on the image
There are a few reasons why this may be occuring, the first thing to check first is your projector cables, the best thing to do first is to change these to see if this fixes the problem. If not, the problem may lie with your colour wheel / main board.

Projector Problem 2 – Lines / Dots on the image
This is a problem caused by the projectors main board. When there is a problem with the main board, it may be worth considering comparing the cost of getting a completely new projector rather than buying the main board.

Projector Problem 3 – Projector overheating
This is quite a common case & is quite distinctive. It is usually caused by a problem with the fan. If there is no noise then that means the fan will not be working any more to help cool down your projector. Other things to look out for are making sure that you aren’t leaving your projector in very bright direct sunlight as this obviously won’t help the projector cool down.

Projector Problem 4 – Projector turning on then turning off straight away
There are a number things to look out for. The first thing to check is your power supply and make sure that all of your cables are in fully working condition and connected properly. After that, it would be worth checking how dusty the projector is, this may occur after a long period of time. This would mean having to service your projector.

Projector Problem 5 – Projector on but no image
If you can get your projector to turn on but then get no image, make sure that the cables that you are connecting with are connected correctly. If this is all OK, then it most likely you have a problem with your lamp ballast unit or the lamp itself. The lamp ballast unit is what provides power to the lamp. If the lamp ballast unit goes, then most likely the lamp will usually go as well. Price varies on these units so your projector would have to be taken in for an assessment.

Projector Problem 6 – Shadows appearing on the image
This problem only applies to DLP Projectors. This yet again could be a problem with the projector’s main board or it could be a problem with the mirror. The projector would need to be assessed to find the full extent of your problem. A mirror for your projector would be a reasonably cheap repair but again with the main board if that is the problem, it would be worth considering buying a new projector.

Projector Problem 7 – A dull image being produced
This problem only applies to LCD Projectors. All projector lamps will have a certain lamp life varying from model to model. If the image is starting to get more dull, it would be worth thinking about getting a new bulb. Some projectors will tell you how many lamp hours have been used to date, if not you may have to have a think and estimate how long you’ve been using the projector for. If you think it is near the estimated lamp life of the projector, then it may be time to enquire about buying a new projector bulb.

Projector Bulb sales: 0800 027 7785 / 01189 070703

Projector Problem 8 – Projector inputs not working
If your inputs are not working on your projector then if after you’ve double checked your inputs are connected correctly, this problem is related again to the main board. For a definite price on the real cost of this, you would need to get it assessed by a projector repair centre. For Just Projectors repairs department, find the direct dial at the bottom of this top 10.

Projector Problem 9 – Colour around the edge of the image
This may occur on LCD projectors if the LCD prism becomes faulty. An LCD Prism is an expensive component on a projector and should only be thought about if absolutely necessary, in most cases it may just be best to look at buying a new projector.

Projector Problem 10 – Projector Lamp door switch broken
This is quite a minor problem to resolve. A new interlock switch for the projector lamp will generally be quite cheap. Find details below for more information on Just Projectors full range of projectors, repairs department direct dial & the phone number for general projector enquiries.

Repairs direct dial: 01189 070709

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Author – James Tyrrell | Just Projectors | www.projectors.co.uk