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Lumens DC190 Visualiser with Free Light Box

Lumens DC190 Visualiser from Just ProjectorsJust Projectors have a UK exclusive & are proud to announce that we are now offering a Free light box with every Lumens DC190 Visualiser. Here at Just Projectors we also offer a Try before you Buy option on our full range of Visualisers.

Find the Lumens DC190 here: Lumens DC190 Visualiser with Free light Box

The Free light box is an A4 panel that can be used with the DC190 to help with the viewing of Negative images, Slides & X-Rays. This UK exclusive deal means a big saving with the light box’s RRP being £72.

Lumens Visualiser Light BoxMore information about Visualisers:

There are two types of column that are used on Visualisers today & that is the Gooseneck & the Rigid Arm. Lumens Visualisers use the Gooseneck column which provides the superior flexibility out of the two by being able to position the camera head over & all around the subject being viewed. Once the person using the Visualiser has found a suitable position for the Gooseneck column it will maintain this position until needing to be moved again. This type of column is particularly useful for displaying subjects through microscopes as the camera head can be positioned strategically over the eye piece.

Visualisers also known as Document Cameras are very popular in schools, colleges & universities. They can help the aid of learning and bring an interactive & community element to the classroom. An example of this is it can allow teachers or lecturers to simply move the visualiser around the classroom to show the whole of the class a student’s work/project with very little effort without having to gather the whole class around someone’s desk. In doing this, visualisers make the whole classroom more interactive, manageable and fun.

Find our full range of Visualisers here: Just Projectors Visualisers

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Author – James Tyrrell | Just Projectors | www.projectors.co.uk

World’s First Wireless Visualiser

Lumens DC120 Wireless VisualiserJust Projectors are proud to announce that Lumens are the first in the world to release a Wireless Visualiser in the shape of the Lumens DC120.

With the aid of the Lumens DC-A11, Lumens are putting themselves ahead of the competitors by adding a whole new dimension to  Visualiser world.

This clever base unit adapter makes the Lumens DC120 the ONLY wireless visualiser in the world. Why does that matter , simply you can move it around the room without any wires. The DC-A11 wireless visualiser adapter has a 6 hour battery and can be charged up very easily ready for the next days use. Having had the Lumens Wireless adapter displayed recently to our staff we all agreed that this is going to be the most exciting development in Visualisers for 2011. Simply click the Lumens Dc120 into the adapter and off you go.

Visit our Website: Lumens DC120 Wireless Visualiser

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Author – James Tyrrell | Just Projectors | www.projectors.co.uk

New Sky 3D Projector Pub Solution

UK Exclusive!

The first 3D Projector Solution for Pubs using the Cheap 3D Glasses.

For under £3,000, Just Projectors are proud to announce the release of the first affordable 3D Projector solution for pubs & clubs so you can now watch SKY3D on the big projector screen again for a realistic price.

Our package includes:
Bright 4500 Lumens Projector
All necessary Filters & custom Ceiling Mounts
100 Pairs of 3D Glasses

We have a nationwide installation team who can fit this new solution. To find out more information on this Exclusive UK Package:

Visit our Website: http://www.projectors.co.uk/pp/Bundle_Pricing/3D-Pub_Solution/3D_Pub_Complete_Solution.html

Call one of our Experts: 0800 027 7785 / 01189 070703

Author – James Tyrrell | Just Projectors | www.projectors.co.uk