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BenQ W703D With Built-In 3D Adapter

The new BenQ W703D Projector is a 3D projector perfectly suited for the home cinema market. Great built in 3D adapter feature on the BenQ W703D  enables easy set up and saves you money. This lets you link straight to Sky 3D or a 3D Blu-Ray Player cutting out the extra fuss and extra cabling needed to connect to a separate 3D adapter before connecting to your source. If you compare a projector with similar specifications but without a built in adapter, buying the BenQ W703D can save you at least £200 as you are basically getting a free adapter.

BenQ W703D Home Cinema Projector

Offering a good 720p HD resolution to match HD content from Sky and 3D ready for future proofing yourself. It has dual HDMI to connect to your favourite HD sources and has a good brightness of 2200 Lumens so you don’t have to sit in the dark to use at home. The BenQ W703D gives you all of this and a great definition thanks to a contrast ratio of 10,000:1. A Great buy for Sub £600!

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Epson’s Revolutionary Projector

Epson MG850HD Revolutionary Projector 

Introducing Epson’s MG-850HD Projector, high quality 720p HD resolution for high quality images and allowing you to connect to all of your favourite HD sources. Along with this, the MG850HD has a docking station to connect to your iPod, iPhone or iPad with built in powerful 20w speakers for a great all in one system. Great for work and home use and at a very low price.

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BenQ Release Laser Projectors

DLP projectors powered by Lasers are finally here and it looks like this is the biggest change to the projector world in the last 5 years. Just Projectors saw the BenQ LX60ST and the BenQ LW61ST projectors at the BETT education show and were amazed how far the lamp free technology has improved from the Hybrid DLP range available.

The concept of having a lamp with a life of 20,000 hours is not new to the market but powering it by a laser and a colour wheel giving a stunning 80,000:1 contrast ratio means that it is 4000 times better than its competitors. It’s great to have some real competition out there now!

Other benefits include a brand new power saving option which means up to 90% less power consumption will make the BenQ laser ranger very popular with schools, colleges and universities. Instant on feature with startup times as little as 5 seconds is yet another great feature for the classroom but also for the boardroom and on the go presenters.

Other great aspects to the new Laser projector range from BenQ is:

  • No colour fading, this is only achievable with the Laser LED combination
  • Environmentally friendly mercury-free light source
  • Manual brightness adjustment setting to suit different surroundings.
  • Eco Blank Mode – Great for teachers, enables you to blank the projector screen to redirect students focus and lowers power consumption down to 10%
  • SmartEco Mode – The projector automatically decides the optimum brightness level by the input source to give the user the best contrast for their image
  • No source detected mode – Feature which automatically lowers the projector’s brightness to 10% when no display source has been detected for over 3 minutes

It isn’t surprising that BenQ have launched their first laser projectors as short throw 0.6:1 & 0.49:1 throw ratios respectively, with 2000 lumens ensuring a good level of brightness (always need a lower level of lumens on short throw projectors as the image has less distance to travel) as this sits very well for the growth in ultra short throw projectors. And just to make sure you get the most from the projector it comes with the following:- LAN display, USB display, 2 x 10w built in speakers, microphone input and iPhone/iPad wireless display support meaning you are getting a great deal of features and future proofing yourself.

Yes, these projectors are going to cost more but taking into consideration savings on lamp life, the time to source and change lamps, reduction in installation costs and the stability of the technology compared to the other long lamp life technology where people have had a problem with colours fading, these projectors are going to be the way forward.

We at Just Projectors believe that this brand new DLP Laser powered projector technology is going to change the way of projectors forever. The BenQ LX 60ST and LW 61ST will be available in the next couple of weeks. For more information on the BenQ laser range, please visit or Call our experts on 0800 027 7785 / 01189 070703

New HD Ready Viewsonic PJD5133 and PJD5233 Projectors

New Viewsonic Projectors

Viewsonic Add HDMi To Their Projectors

Just Projectors are pleased to announce the arrival of Viewsonic’s new HD Ready projector range including the new models, the Viewsonic PJD5133 SVGA projector – EAN 0766907556711 and the Viewsonic PJD5233 XGA projector – EAN 0766907556919. Viewsonic have put HDMi connections now so they can deliver the highest quality of high definition video and audio without losing any degradation. Both the PJD-5133 and the PJD-5233 use DLP technology and with the help of the new HDMi connectivity on the new Viewsonic range means that they are both 3D ready and can be used with the Viewsonic VP3D1 3D Adapter. Find some more info on Viewsonic’s new HD ready projectors below:

Viewsonic PJD5133 – The 3D Ready SVGA PJD-5133 is a lightweight DLP projector uses Viewsonic’s BrilliantColor Technology which makes it ideal for anyone looking for a low cost projector that can be used for meetings and lectures. The PJD-5133 only weighs 2.6kg’s making it light and portable, and therefore suitable for mobile users looking for a projector to use for on the go presentations. The Viewsonic PJD 5133 SVGA has an eco mode that reduces heat and noise levels, with a lamp life of 6000 hours on top of this, the PJD5133 has an very low total cost of ownership.

Find the Full Specification and Reviews for the Viewsonic PJD5133

Viewsonic PJD5133 Projector

Viewsonic PJD5233 – The PJD 5233 delivers brilliantly clear images with XGA resolution and 2700 lumens making it bright even in ambient lighting. The PJD-5233 is great for business or education as it lightweight at only 2.6kg’s, offers good connectivity in the form of HDMi connection & great colour reproduction with the help of a 3000:1 contrast ratio and a sophisticated 6-segment colour wheel. As the PJD-5523 comes with HDMi connection it is also suitable for home use as it can connect to high definition home devices such as blu-ray players, HD receivers and HD games consoles.

Find the Full Specification and Reviews for the Viewsonic PJD5233

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Author – James Tyrrell | Just Projectors |

Mitsubishi Release New Ultra Short Throw Projectors

New Mitsubishi Projectors Released

Mitsubishi have released some new ultra short throw projectors with the WD380U-EST and the XD360U-EST. Just Projectors are here to give you a bit more information on the specifications on these new projector models. Both are fairly similar as they are extreme short throw projectors, the WD380UEST though is WXGA so is a 16:9 format where as the XD360UEST is XGA so it is in 4:3 format. Find some more info on the differences on Mitsubishi’s new short throw projectors below.

Mitsubishi WD380U-EST Projector

Mitsubishi WD380U-EST – An extremely short throw projector with a throw ratio of just 0.375:1 making it the ideal projector for the smallest of classrooms and boardrooms. 2700 lumens make it bright even in well lit rooms. WXGA resolution means this projector will work well with modern day laptops, computers and macs. A very lightweight short throw at only 4kg’s makes for easy portability when moving between classrooms or boardrooms.

Find the Full Specification and Reviews for the Mitsubishi WD380U-EST

Mitsubishi XD360U-EST – This XGA resolution, 3D Ready ultra short throw has a throw ratio of just 0.469:1. Again ideal in even well lit rooms with 2500 lumens and 3000:1 contrast ratio make for deep blacks. Being XGA resolution, the XD360UEST will produce 4:3 images. A very quiet machine at only 28db and weighing in at just 4kg’s makes it very good for use for presentations. Being a DLP and having a very long lamp life of 6000 hours means the XD360U-EST has very impressive cost of ownership.

Find the Full Specification and Reviews for the Mitsubishi XD360U-EST

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New Optoma HD600X-LV 3D Ready 720p Projector

New Projectors from Just Projectors

Just Projectors are proud to announce the release of the Optoma HD600X-LV. The long awaited brighter version of the Optoma HD600X now has an improved 2500 lumens for comfortable viewing at home during the day. 3D Ready and 720p makes the HD600X-LV an ideal 3D projector for home use.Optoma HD600X-LV Projector

Check out full specifications & read reviews on the HD600X-LV and on all of our other Optoma Projectors.

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BenQ Release MX764 and W710ST Projectors

New Projectors from Just Projectors

BenQ have released some more new projectors. Just Projectors are here to give you more information on their two new models – the MX764 and the W710ST. Prices will be announced shortly for both models.

BenQ MX764

BenQ MX764 – This XGA resolution projector is very bright with 4200 lumens, also has great connectivity including USB & HDMi connections making it highly suitable for business, education or home use.

Find the Full Spec & Reviews for the BenQ MX764

BenQ W710ST Projector

BenQ W710ST – The W710ST is the only 3D ready, 720p short throw projector on the market at the moment making it ideal for home use especially for gaming as the projector can be closer to the screen. The w710ST also boasts 2500 lumens and dual HDMi.

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BenQ release new Projectors

BenQ have released some new projectors. Just Projectors are here to give you a bit more information on the specifications on their new projector models.

BenQ MS500 SVGA Projector

BenQ MS500 – This SVGA model with 2500 Lumens has a high contrast ratio of 4000:1 making it ideal for business or education use.

Follow link for Full Spec & Reviews: BenQ MS500 Projector

BenQ MX501 Projector

BenQ MX501 – The MX501 has the same spec as the MS500 but is XGA resolution for more pixels and improved image quality. Again ideal for business, education and also home use.

Follow link for Full Spec & Reviews: BenQ MX501 Projector

BenQ MX850UST Projector

BenQ MX850UST – The MX850UST is an ulta short throw with a 0.45:1 lens on it. 2500 Lumens, XGA resolution projector that is 3d ready and has interactive whiteboard capabilities. Ideal for education users.

Follow link for Full Spec & Reviews: BenQ MX850UST Projector

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Top 10 Projector Myths

Just Projector Top 10 Projector Myths
Just Projectors
are here to set the record straight on what we consider to be the top 10 projector myths. Buying a projector can be hard if you have no knowledge of projectors & there is a lot of choice out there. Here at Just Projectors we get asked all the time about these following myths, read our explanations on all of them.

We will discuss the following Projector Myths:

  • The more lumens, the better the projector
  • All HD projector’s are HD
  • Using a white wall is as good as using a Projector Screen
  • You can use a usb slot on a projector to make an image
  • USB reader means you get full power point slides
  • Unknown brands aren’t as good as more well known ones
  • Using an SVGA Projector with a Mac
  • The higher the Contrast, the better
  • Rainbow effect on DLP Projectors
  • DLP projectors have poor colour reproduction

Projector Myth 1 – The more lumens the better the projector
The common misconception with this myth is that normally the more lumens on a projector, usually the more expensive they are, which means people usually think that because they are spending more on a projector that this is better. This isn’t always the case. There is a certain number of lumens needed to produce a certain image size, the bigger you want the image, the further back your projector will have to go. This means the number of lumens needed will need to be higher to be able to show a bright enough image from further away. For instance, if you have an average size bedroom and there’s only going to ever be 2 people watching the projector, you don’t need 5000 lumens, this is far too many as the projector will not be far away from the screen & lighting can usually be controlled in a bedroom. If you are using an ultra short throw projector this situation will change as they can produce a bigger image from not as far away, therefore not needing as many lumens.

Another example of this is when buying a projector for home cinema, if it is in a dedicated room you will not need high brightness, what is more important is to get a high contrast ratio for the definition of blacks on the image when watching movies. Lower lumens projectors will normally give you a higher resolution and therefore better blacks.

Projector Myth 2 – All HD Projectors are HD
This is a common misunderstanding for consumers looking to buy a projector, not helped by the number of false advertisers out there who will brand their cheap £200 projectors as HD when they are merely SVGA projectors with a HDMI connection on the back. The main misunderstanding is that just because you link a projector to a Full HD source, the projector will not produce a Full HD image unless the projector’s native resolution is 1920×1080.

Projectors can only be branded as HD Projectors when their native resolution is 1920×1080. Any other projector with a hdmi conenction can only be classed as HD Ready. Beware of this fact as a lot of the false advertisers will put in the small print that the projectors they advertise will only support HD, this is tell-tale sign that the projector isn’t actually HD. You will not be able to get a HD Projector for under £400

Projector Myth 3 – Using a White wall is as good as using a Projector Screen
This is one of the most common of false economies executed by projector consumers in today’s market.  A lot of home cinema users buying projectors will plough all of their budget into buying a really high end projector then just display the image on to a plain white wall.

Consumers ask us though, won’t displaying an image from the projector on to a white wall be fine? We can’t argue that displaying your projector on to a white wall will give you an image but it’s like having a formula 1 car & fitting used tyres on to it. It will go round the track but not give you optimum performance. If you are buying a good projector, buying a projector screen will reduce white hotspots, & at the same time contrast and colour saturation will be vastly improved. Projector Screens can cost under £50, not much money but will make your image a whole load better.

Projector Myth 4 – You can use the USB slot on a projector to make an image
This one quite can be quite confusing, there are two types of usb connection one being USB-A, the other USB-B.USB-A can be used to connect a cable from your laptop to projector which then enables you to use your projector remote as a mouse for using on the screen.

In terms of USB-B, only about 2% of projectors can use this connection to be able to create an image. The majority of projectors will only connect via VGA, HDMI or DVI connections.  People’s mistake is that you can plug in your USB to your projector to then make an image, this functionality on a projector is very, very rare so take a lot of time if you’re looking at this functionality.

Projector Myth 5 – USB Reader means you get full powerpoint slides
Unless you have specific software like Epson Easy MP Software loaded on to your computer or laptop with the powerpoint slides on it, you will not be able to do this. A USB reader on a projector only means that you will get a slideshow. This myth is one to clear up for the mobile projector user and businesses and schools using projectors hoping to show their full powerpoint slides without having to link to a laptop or computer. You will not be able to get such powerpoint effects such as fade out etc. so that means the only way to show your powerpoint is by saving a snapshot of each slide as a jpeg.

Projector Myth 6 – Less well known Projector Manufacturers aren’t as good as more well known ones
When it comes to buying a projector, people automatically think that because they have heard of brands like Acer, Casio etc. that they are better than less well known projector manufacturers like Viewsonic, Infocus etc. Companies like won’t be as well known as the others because they specialise in projectors.

What it isn’t fair to say is that lesser know projector manufacturers like Viewsonic or Vivitek make worse projectors than brands like Hitachi or NEC. For instance Vivitek is part of the group that make components for some of the more well known projector brands. Brands like Viewsonic are specialists in the projector world, they only make projectors and visual equipment and aren’t as well known  to consumers as they don’t have their fingers in as many pies. This is why you can pick up great deals on these brands as you are not paying that little bit extra for the brand name as you may do with others. Brands like Casio are well known for making calculators, this doesn’t hold any relevance to making projectors. Just because you haven’t heard these names before, doesn’t mean you should write them off because they are projector specialists.

Projector Myth 7 – You can use an SVGA projector with a mac 
If you buy a SVGA projector and try to use it with an Apple Macbook, this is the easiest way to make your image look like a kid’s jigsaw puzzle. There is no other way to put it but the image will be horrendous. An SVGA projector resolution is 800 x 600 pixels, the macbook’s standard resolution is 1280 x 800 pixels, the minimum resolution projector you need to use for a macbook is an XGA Projector. Anything less and you will be highly disappointed.

Projector Myth 8 – The higher the contrast ratio, the better
Here at Just Projectors, we get asked a lot about contrast ratio and the most common question is why is it so much higher on some projectors than others? One of the main reasons is contrast ratio gets measured in different ways on DLP & LCD Projectors, this means that you couldn’t directly compare an LCD Projector’s contrast ratio against a DLP Projector’s contrast ratio. You should only ever compare contrast ratio on an Lcd projector against another Lcd projector or a DLP Projector against another Dlp Projector. Contrast ratio will only usually become an important factor when deciding upon a projector when buying for home cinema use.

Projector Myth 9 – DLP Projectors show the rainbow effect
This Projector myth has been around for a while, the rainbow effect as it’s known is when ‘shadows’ of green, red or blue are perceived to have been seen by the eye when the colour wheel of a dlp projector isn’t fast enough. This is true in some cases, however, if the dlp projector has a high speed colour wheel, it will not show the rainbow effect on the image. DLP projectors seem to have been generalised so it is believed that all of them have this effect but since advancements in technology and improvements in the speed of the dlp colour wheel, this is now unfair to say as this effect has now greatly been reduced. However if you opt to go for a cheap dlp projector you will often see the rainbow effect still.

Projector Myth 10 – DLP Projectors have poor colour reproduction
Yet again, another unfair statement to make about DLP Projectors. As said before, LCD projectors will provide better colour reproduction than their DLP counterparts but Just Projectors are here to set the record straight on DLP Projector colours.

Different projectors will have a different number of segments in the colour wheel. So like a paint box, the more colours available, the more colours that can be reproduced. As time goes on DLP projectors are being produced with more and more segments in the colour wheel meaning the gap between dlp and lcd projectors on colour reproduction is narrowing. We at Just Projectors think that LCD will always be the superior out of the two but in no way do modern DLP projectors produce poor colours.

Now our Top 10 myths have been uncovered and set straight by the Projector Experts at Just Projectors, we hope this helps you on your purchase of a projector in the future. If there are any more questions you have or want to see our full range of projectors, projector screens, projector lamps, visualiser & interactive whiteboards, find our website below or call our experts today:


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Author – James Tyrrell | Just Projectors |

World’s First Wireless Visualiser

Lumens DC120 Wireless VisualiserJust Projectors are proud to announce that Lumens are the first in the world to release a Wireless Visualiser in the shape of the Lumens DC120.

With the aid of the Lumens DC-A11, Lumens are putting themselves ahead of the competitors by adding a whole new dimension to  Visualiser world.

This clever base unit adapter makes the Lumens DC120 the ONLY wireless visualiser in the world. Why does that matter , simply you can move it around the room without any wires. The DC-A11 wireless visualiser adapter has a 6 hour battery and can be charged up very easily ready for the next days use. Having had the Lumens Wireless adapter displayed recently to our staff we all agreed that this is going to be the most exciting development in Visualisers for 2011. Simply click the Lumens Dc120 into the adapter and off you go.

Visit our Website: Lumens DC120 Wireless Visualiser

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Author – James Tyrrell | Just Projectors |