BenQ W703D With Built-In 3D Adapter

The new BenQ W703D Projector is a 3D projector perfectly suited for the home cinema market. Great built in 3D adapter feature on the BenQ W703D  enables easy set up and saves you money. This lets you link straight to Sky 3D or a 3D Blu-Ray Player cutting out the extra fuss and extra cabling needed to connect to a separate 3D adapter before connecting to your source. If you compare a projector with similar specifications but without a built in adapter, buying the BenQ W703D can save you at least £200 as you are basically getting a free adapter.

BenQ W703D Home Cinema Projector

Offering a good 720p HD resolution to match HD content from Sky and 3D ready for future proofing yourself. It has dual HDMI to connect to your favourite HD sources and has a good brightness of 2200 Lumens so you don’t have to sit in the dark to use at home. The BenQ W703D gives you all of this and a great definition thanks to a contrast ratio of 10,000:1. A Great buy for Sub £600!

If you would like more advice or wish to purchase over the phone, please call us on 0800 027 7785 / 01189 070703

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