Free Prize Draw – Win 60 Inch Plasma TV!

NEC 60XR5 60" Plasma TV

Just Projectors have released yet another free prize draw! This time the prize being the NEC 60XR5 60″ Plasma Television. Registration couldn’t be simpler, just by simply liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter and telling us why you should be the one who wins this great prize on either of those pages gets your name entered into the hat!

Follow this link to find out more: 60″ Plasma TV Free Prize Draw

Entries for this Free Prize Draw finish on 30th September 2011

Alternatively comes visit our homepage at Just Projectors

Or call one of our Projector Experts: 0800 027 7785 / 01189 070703

Author – James Tyrrell | Just Projectors |


16 responses to “Free Prize Draw – Win 60 Inch Plasma TV!

  1. Awesome dream prize! What a lovely item to win!

  2. TV would look great in my living room wall. LOL.

  3. I should win this because my Mum and Dad have been looking after me for 40 years and I want them to have the tv,my mum has a special birthday on christmas day and I would love to see her face when opening the box 🙂

  4. I would like to win because although our existing is still working it is now about 25 years old and desperatley need upgrading.

  5. i would love to win a new television for me and my girls we have got one of those old ones with a big back i call it an hump back camel lol my daughters would love watching programmes on a bigger better tv xx

  6. I have no real reason to win. No sob story, no tales of outmoded technology that crackles and fizzes. I’d just like the television.

  7. My cats been poorly since it ate the dog, it accidentally spilt it’s medicinal vodka down the back of my tube TV set and now I can only watch the test card with that girl from popstarwannabe Z factor….. it’s not that I just want this 60″ of HD lushness.. honest 🙂

  8. great prize

  9. our telly is dying, its not having the will to live any more, one off us have to go in and try getting it on at least an hour befor watching something as it has problems starting up.. it is an old girl now so a new shinny bright 60 inch tv would do fabadabadozzy!!!!!!!

  10. I would really love to win this tv 🙂

  11. my kids would love this tv for watching the footie on !!!! ( and me for my soaps lol ) FAB PRIZE liked and shared

  12. What a great prize – would love to win so I could watch Deal or No Deal and Noel Edmonds would be in almost life-like size!

  13. I would love this as my tv is rubbish (not even HD) and it makes my living room look to spacious being only 22 inch. It also makes it look messy 😦 x

  14. I would love to win this TV as it is an awesome piece of technology that I would love to own, and not something that I could afford. It could be my own personal cinema!!

  15. Me me me! It’s my birthday next week and I need a great present!

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