Mitsubishi Release New Ultra Short Throw Projectors

New Mitsubishi Projectors Released

Mitsubishi have released some new ultra short throw projectors with the WD380U-EST and the XD360U-EST. Just Projectors are here to give you a bit more information on the specifications on these new projector models. Both are fairly similar as they are extreme short throw projectors, the WD380UEST though is WXGA so is a 16:9 format where as the XD360UEST is XGA so it is in 4:3 format. Find some more info on the differences on Mitsubishi’s new short throw projectors below.

Mitsubishi WD380U-EST Projector

Mitsubishi WD380U-EST – An extremely short throw projector with a throw ratio of just 0.375:1 making it the ideal projector for the smallest of classrooms and boardrooms. 2700 lumens make it bright even in well lit rooms. WXGA resolution means this projector will work well with modern day laptops, computers and macs. A very lightweight short throw at only 4kg’s makes for easy portability when moving between classrooms or boardrooms.

Find the Full Specification and Reviews for the Mitsubishi WD380U-EST

Mitsubishi XD360U-EST – This XGA resolution, 3D Ready ultra short throw has a throw ratio of just 0.469:1. Again ideal in even well lit rooms with 2500 lumens and 3000:1 contrast ratio make for deep blacks. Being XGA resolution, the XD360UEST will produce 4:3 images. A very quiet machine at only 28db and weighing in at just 4kg’s makes it very good for use for presentations. Being a DLP and having a very long lamp life of 6000 hours means the XD360U-EST has very impressive cost of ownership.

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