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Free Prize Draw – Win 60 Inch Plasma TV!

NEC 60XR5 60" Plasma TV

Just Projectors have released yet another free prize draw! This time the prize being the NEC 60XR5 60″ Plasma Television. Registration couldn’t be simpler, just by simply liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter and telling us why you should be the one who wins this great prize on either of those pages gets your name entered into the hat!

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Should You Buy A 3DTV?

There have been plenty of advancements in home entertainment technology in recent years with things like full high definition televisions improving the quality of images. Most of these recent advancements have been taken in with open arms and found themselves easily selling to the mass markets except for one which has divided opinions for different reasons – 3D Technology.

3DTV or 3D Projector

3D technology has been put on televisions by big name manufacturers like Sony, Panasonic, LG and Samsung since March 2010 in the hope that since the introduction of 3D films at the cinema, they would sell like hot cakes for people looking to get the same 3D experience in their home for watching 3D films, Sky 3D or playing 3D games. This hasn’t been the case, research by Deloitte back in August 2010 found that only 2 percent of UK consumers were planning on purchasing a 3D TV for the next 12 months onwards from that. Deloitte’s research proved to be fairly accurate too as 3D televisions still haven’t managed to fly off the shelves as quick as some manufacturers may have hoped for.

So what are the negatives that have led to such poor sales with 3D televisions?

The main negative with 3D televisions like most non necessity goods in a tough financial climate is the price. With 26 million households having TV in the UK, a new television is not at the top of most people’s lists of things that they need to go out and buy especially when a price tag of about £2000 is what you would have to pay for a 55” 3D ready Samsung TV and that’s before buying the 3D glasses which for an average size family will start taking you towards the £2500 mark which isn’t exactly loose change. Another question you have to ask yourself is what would you do with your old 55” television that is working fine at the moment? It is a question you have to ask yourself before considering spending so much on a TV that probably isn’t as good as your current TV, the only difference being it is 3D ready. Is that worth another £2-3000?

Which probably leads you to ask are there any alternatives out there?

3D Projector and Glasses

This comes in the shape of 3D projectors. A lot cheaper than a 3DTV set up as people can get a full 3D set up with a projector ready to connect to their sky box, blu-ray player or games consoles for under £1000. Only a small percentage of people know about 3D at the moment and an even smaller percentage of those realise you can achieve 3D with a 3D projector set up in your home. So an obvious advantage there is the price.

Another advantage is the ease of use, within 5 minutes, a 3D projector can be set up on a coffee table ready to bring life size images on to a projector screen or a white wall. It doesn’t take a genius to realise that when you get an image in your living room double the size of a 3DTV for less than half the price, that a 3D projector is a more affordable, realistic 3D solution. Sporting events like the 2011 Rugby World Cup which starts today would appear so much more lifelike. Picture the difference between seeing a huge 6 foot life size England rugby player running towards you and scoring a try in your living room or only being able to see a small 3D man that you would see on a 3DTV.

One disadvantage with 3D projectors before was that the highest resolution you could get was 720p but with Optoma recently releasing a 1080p 3D Projector this means that images can now be displayed in full high definition for the highest quality. That means that you can get the most out of 3D games, Sky 3D and 3D blu-rays from modern 3D projectors.

Is there a future for 3D?

With the emergence of companies like Legend Films from San Diego who turn older 2D films into 3D in a matter of weeks and the BBC starting to record popular Saturday night programmes like Strictly Come Dancing in 3D for the public to watch, it seems that 3D will be here to stay. With greater awareness 3D projectors can ensure to boost the growth of the 3D market as they are more accessible to the public as the solutions are cheaper than 3DTV’s and much larger images can be achieved, great for filling a wall with life size 3D football players, next year’s London 2012 Olympic events or your favourite games and films. The future of 3D could be big. With the help of 3D projectors.

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New HD Ready Viewsonic PJD5133 and PJD5233 Projectors

New Viewsonic Projectors

Viewsonic Add HDMi To Their Projectors

Just Projectors are pleased to announce the arrival of Viewsonic’s new HD Ready projector range including the new models, the Viewsonic PJD5133 SVGA projector – EAN 0766907556711 and the Viewsonic PJD5233 XGA projector – EAN 0766907556919. Viewsonic have put HDMi connections now so they can deliver the highest quality of high definition video and audio without losing any degradation. Both the PJD-5133 and the PJD-5233 use DLP technology and with the help of the new HDMi connectivity on the new Viewsonic range means that they are both 3D ready and can be used with the Viewsonic VP3D1 3D Adapter. Find some more info on Viewsonic’s new HD ready projectors below:

Viewsonic PJD5133 – The 3D Ready SVGA PJD-5133 is a lightweight DLP projector uses Viewsonic’s BrilliantColor Technology which makes it ideal for anyone looking for a low cost projector that can be used for meetings and lectures. The PJD-5133 only weighs 2.6kg’s making it light and portable, and therefore suitable for mobile users looking for a projector to use for on the go presentations. The Viewsonic PJD 5133 SVGA has an eco mode that reduces heat and noise levels, with a lamp life of 6000 hours on top of this, the PJD5133 has an very low total cost of ownership.

Find the Full Specification and Reviews for the Viewsonic PJD5133

Viewsonic PJD5133 Projector

Viewsonic PJD5233 – The PJD 5233 delivers brilliantly clear images with XGA resolution and 2700 lumens making it bright even in ambient lighting. The PJD-5233 is great for business or education as it lightweight at only 2.6kg’s, offers good connectivity in the form of HDMi connection & great colour reproduction with the help of a 3000:1 contrast ratio and a sophisticated 6-segment colour wheel. As the PJD-5523 comes with HDMi connection it is also suitable for home use as it can connect to high definition home devices such as blu-ray players, HD receivers and HD games consoles.

Find the Full Specification and Reviews for the Viewsonic PJD5233

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Mitsubishi Release New Ultra Short Throw Projectors

New Mitsubishi Projectors Released

Mitsubishi have released some new ultra short throw projectors with the WD380U-EST and the XD360U-EST. Just Projectors are here to give you a bit more information on the specifications on these new projector models. Both are fairly similar as they are extreme short throw projectors, the WD380UEST though is WXGA so is a 16:9 format where as the XD360UEST is XGA so it is in 4:3 format. Find some more info on the differences on Mitsubishi’s new short throw projectors below.

Mitsubishi WD380U-EST Projector

Mitsubishi WD380U-EST – An extremely short throw projector with a throw ratio of just 0.375:1 making it the ideal projector for the smallest of classrooms and boardrooms. 2700 lumens make it bright even in well lit rooms. WXGA resolution means this projector will work well with modern day laptops, computers and macs. A very lightweight short throw at only 4kg’s makes for easy portability when moving between classrooms or boardrooms.

Find the Full Specification and Reviews for the Mitsubishi WD380U-EST

Mitsubishi XD360U-EST – This XGA resolution, 3D Ready ultra short throw has a throw ratio of just 0.469:1. Again ideal in even well lit rooms with 2500 lumens and 3000:1 contrast ratio make for deep blacks. Being XGA resolution, the XD360UEST will produce 4:3 images. A very quiet machine at only 28db and weighing in at just 4kg’s makes it very good for use for presentations. Being a DLP and having a very long lamp life of 6000 hours means the XD360U-EST has very impressive cost of ownership.

Find the Full Specification and Reviews for the Mitsubishi XD360U-EST

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Free Prize Draw – Win BenQ DC C1480 Digital Camera

BenQ DC C1480 Camera

Just Projectors have released yet another free prize draw! This time the prize being the 14 Megapixels BenQ DC C1480 Digital Camera. With 1920 x 1080 HD Resolution on the DC C1480 this is a prize that is not to be missed…

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Entries for this free prize draw finish on 30th September 2011

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