Full HD 1080p Projectors Now Affordable

Viewsonic PRO8200 Full HD 1080p Projector
Full HD 1080p Projectors are now more accessible for the wider UK home cinema market thanks to an affordable option from Viewsonic.

Long has the wait been for a Full HD 1080p projector option that manages to be affordable whilst proving no mug to it’s more expensive competitors. The Viewsonic PRO8200 is a breathe of fresh air for the home cinema buyer who wants to immerse themselves in Full HD with an image of great depth & clarity.

With 2 HDMI Inputs, 2000 Lumens & an impressive warranty, it just adds to the value. We at Just Projectors have the Viewsonic PRO8200 with Spare Lamp in stock at the low price of just £710!

Visit our website: Viewsonic PRO8200 with Spare Lamp

Or Call one of our Experts: 0800 027 7785 / 01189 070703

Author – James Tyrrell | Just Projectors | www.projectors.co.uk


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